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Whats Origami?

History of My Hobby

This hobby started many yuears back, just when paper was mass produced. Japenese people, Folded oanimals and other origami things and threw them it the river for spiritual reasons. Then by person to person, country, this hobby was passed all over the world.

Different types of Origami?

Most people think that there is only one type of origami, which is usualy just folded out of one sheet of paper. But there are many more! Here are some:

Kiragami: folding paper with cutting. ( i personaly don't like this type of origami. ;) )

Modular origami: origami made with multiple sheets of paper. ( My favorite!)

2-d origami: flat origami

3-d origami: multi-dimensional origami

How i started

It was a long while ago, when one day when i was seven My second-grade teacher taught my class about origami. I lovedit! thats How I got started in origami.